The Family Haven was established in 1988 to help disadvantaged and vulnerable families in Gloucestershire to a brighter future. We help parents and their pre-school children by providing a warm, caring and supportive day centre where assistance and encouragement is available to help them to improve the quality of their lives – it’s a literally a haven for families in Gloucester with small children who are facing difficult times.

The Family Haven thrives through the hard work and dedication of a great number of very different people. Experienced and skilled office staff, cook, caring nursery staff, dedicated volunteers and fund-raisers as well as the generosity of our funders for which we are always grateful.
Gloucester, UK
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Do you like cake?

Nov 27 2018 · THE FAMILY HAVEN

...and eat it too? This is just one of the masterful creations made by our parents available for sale on our stand at the Gloucester Cathedral Xmas Market 8th December 10-4.

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