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The vision for Vtues is to create a perpetually positive culture shift towards volunteering.

Research shows that 75% of people would volunteer BUT there are barriers.

Vtues makes volunteering more attainable & engaging through rewarded, Micro Volunteering that fits around existing commitments.

By supporting & promoting good employers, volunteering through Vtues could also be completed with paid leave.

Charities, non-profits and social enterprises will be able to tap into any skill they need to raise awareness, increase funding, reduce costs & innovate...
Gloucester, UK
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Steve Mitchell Joins Vtues to Connect Businesses for Employee Volunteering

Nov 08 2018 · Vtues Ltd

We're very happy to have Steve Mitchell join Vtues to connect with businesses in Gloucestershire to engage them in Employee Volunteering.

Steve has vast experience as a 'connector' for both Business In The Community (BITC) and Lloyds Bank working with a wide range of charities to solve their biggest problems by connecting local businesses in CSR activities.

If your company currently supports Employee Volunteering and are looking for new projects or you are looking to implement a ESV program where your employees find their own opportunities then the Vtues platform is ideal for you: https://www.vtues.com/employer-sponsored-volunteering.

Contact: steve@vtues.com or employers@vtues.com

It's great for your Company to have your contributions validated and celebrated and to reward your employees! We have many charities in the area that require skilled volunteers or are looking for teams to engage in fundraising. We look forward to helping!

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