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The vision for Vtues is to create a perpetually positive culture shift towards volunteering.

Research shows that 75% of people would volunteer BUT there are barriers.

Vtues makes volunteering more attainable & engaging through rewarded, Micro Volunteering that fits around existing commitments.

By supporting & promoting good employers, volunteering through Vtues could also be completed with paid leave.

Charities, non-profits and social enterprises will be able to tap into any skill they need to raise awareness, increase funding, reduce costs & innovate...
Gloucester, UK
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Liberated to Help! Removing Key Barriers to Volunteering

Oct 01 2018 · Anne Thomas: Vtues Ltd

Vtues has launched to liberate people so they CAN volunteer for causes they care about. We are connecting our first charity and CIC members with socially-conscious businesses and employees. Beginning in the Midlands & South West before reaching the rest of the UK.

Over the last few weeks we have engaged with so many great organisations who focus on important issues including nature preservation, domestic and sexual abuse, animal welfare, disability, community, waste-reduction and child protection. All of whom depend on volunteers to achieve their purpose.

I volunteer time for a number of charities including, very recently, a small animal sanctuary which is very close to my home and has rescued many thousands of animals from abuse and neglect with 500+ currently under its protection. I have provided general support including tidying, gardening and supporting fundraisers. For other charities I help with marketing and strategy.

The sanctuary is situated less than 2 miles from my home yet, despite the physical closeness and the fact that I am a dedicated animal supporter, it took me nearly 3 years to reach out to them. For all of that time I had been subject to critical barriers that had prevented me from helping sooner.

The barriers were that there had been no communication channel to fix the santuary in my consciousness, that the opportunity to volunteer there had to be sought out with effort and that I would need to define and carve-out time from my busy life in order to help.

These awareness and time barriers exist universally and are reflected on in a number of sector studies. The latest Community Life Survey conducted by DCMS (a government survey of over 10,000 representative participants across the UK) revealed that more than 66% of 25 – 65 year olds do not regularly or formally volunteer because of work commitments. Additionally, 24% of those who do not volunteer said they don’t know of any groups to help or haven’t heard about any opportunities.

I am deeply inspired and excited to deliver ways to help overcome these barriers through Vtues - connecting a large network of volunteers, charities, social enterprises and businesses to drive up awareness of causes like my local sanctuary and liberate peoples' time to volunteer. Vtues gives volunteers access to short-term, flexible, opportunities that they can easily achieve through paid volunteering leave from supporting employers.

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