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The vision for Vtues is to create a perpetually positive culture shift towards volunteering.

Research shows that 75% of people would volunteer BUT there are barriers.

Vtues makes volunteering more attainable & engaging through rewarded, Micro Volunteering that fits around existing commitments.

By supporting & promoting good employers, volunteering through Vtues could also be completed with paid leave.

Charities, non-profits and social enterprises will be able to tap into any skill they need to raise awareness, increase funding, reduce costs & innovate...
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New World Micro-Volunteers for Voluntary Organisations:

Jul 10 2018 · Anne Thomas: Vtues Ltd

Charities, social enterprises and voluntary organisations...

Imagine if you had an on-demand, matched, resource for your every need, to change the World for good

A majority of Charities, Non-Profits and Social Enterprises are entirely cash restricted and depend on external funding for marketing, to manage their operation and engage voluntary support. This hand-to-mouth existence is detrimental to growth and achieving your purpose and you are so reliant on relatively few volunteers.

The vision for Vtues is to create a network of millions of individuals who can and want to respond to the needs of the causes they care about and share their knowledge, passion and skills.

Much research from Government and sector bodies such as NVCO has gone into determining the number of people who actually want to volunteer. The most recent data from Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport suggests that up to 75% of people over 16 would volunteer with certain barriers removed. That’s about 39,000,000 potential volunteers in UK alone. BUT there are barriers – life commitments, relevance and awareness of opportunities.

To address this, volunteering has to be made more visible, attainable and engaging to all. There is a clear need for a culture shift towards Micro Volunteering where any individual who wants to support a charity can do this around their existing commitments and is not obliged to give regular, ongoing, hours.

The largest barrier to volunteering is due to work commitments and this applies to over half of potential volunteers so there is a critical need to engage employers to introduce and manage volunteering leave. Vtues will address the barriers:

1.      We make it easy for organisations that need volunteers to post and promote opportunities

2.      We will engage and connect you with a massive network of individuals who could volunteer

3.      We have a platform to match volunteers with you based on skills, location, availability & more – think marketing person, designer, plumber, lawyer, driver, research support, scientist, animal carer, entertainer, fundraiser…and the list just goes on

4.      We will encourage Micro Volunteering with a recommendation of 24 hours each year – that’s not say folks won’t give more. They are likely to once they experience the many personal benefits

5.      We will record, reward and incentivise the efforts of volunteers and they will benefit from skills development, variety and improved wellbeing

6.      We will consult with Employers to help them introduce Employer Sponsored Volunteering and give paid employee volunteering leave to unleash those who are currently constrained by their work

7.      We will promote, accredit and support the good companies that implement employee volunteering

Right now, we will focus on specific parts of the UK to ensure there is a balance of volunteers and businesses for voluntary organisations in those area. We will eventually build up relationships across the entire UK so that the platform is open to all. Beyond that, the rest of the World.

Of course, Vtues doesn’t negate the need for committed employees but it provides a vast opportunity to raise your profile, increase funds, reduce costs and innovate.

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