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The vision for Vtues is to create a perpetually positive culture shift towards volunteering.

Research shows that 75% of people would volunteer BUT there are barriers.

Vtues makes volunteering more attainable & engaging through rewarded, Micro Volunteering that fits around existing commitments.

By supporting & promoting good employers, volunteering through Vtues could also be completed with paid leave.

Charities, non-profits and social enterprises will be able to tap into any skill they need to raise awareness, increase funding, reduce costs & innovate...
Gloucester, UK
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What is Micro Volunteering?

Jul 04 2018 · Anne Thomas: Vtues Ltd

Giving just a little amount of who you are can make significant and perpetually positive changes to the world and return a lasting sense of satisfaction and reward.

Traditional volunteering demands a lot of time and asks for a great deal of ongoing commitment. It’s also very difficult to find opportunities that fit in and around life and work. For these reasons most of us do not volunteer, even as charity supporters and we’re left feeling helpless and guilty.

Micro-volunteering allows you to give any amount of time you have, when you can give it, to those that you can help. This could be anything you like. Perhaps a couple of hours looking after someone in your community, time spent fundraising with friends or a day helping out at your local animal shelter.

You may have specific skills and knowledge that charities are looking for - marketing, sales, web or graphic design, plumbing, legal, accountancy, business strategy, art, music etc. You can be certain that they are needed. 

If you are fortunate to get paid leave under an Employer Support Volunteering program, then you can apply to volunteer through Vtues under that scheme. Otherwise, we can help introduce a program where you work.

If all companies supported their employees in this way then it would unleash billions of hours to create a surge of energy to support serious social and global issues.

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