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Traditional volunteering demands a lot of time and asks for a great deal of ongoing commitment. It’s also very difficult to find opportunities that fit in and around life and work. For these reasons most of us do not volunteer, even as supporters of certain charities and we’re left feeling a bit helpless and guilty.

Vtues brings a new kind of volunteering to you - Micro Volunteering.

Micro Volunteering allows you to give any amount of time you have, when you can give it, to those that you can help. This could be anything you like. Perhaps just a few minutes here and there doing small favours to support a campaign, a couple of hours looking after someone in your community, time spent fundraising with friends or a day helping out at your local animal shelter.

If you have skills or particular passions you want to share then you’ll be matched to the most suitable volunteering in your area. 

And no matter what your skills are, whether you’re a web or graphic designer, a plumber or electrician, a lawyer or medical professional, a marketing or social media expert, an accountant or business advisor, an artist or musician you can be certain you are needed.

Vtues is your place for micro volunteering, with a record of everything you’ll ever do. You’ll be empowered to help in the ways you want to and you’ll be rewarded with achievements, recognition, experience and more. It’s the place to find new opportunities and connect with like-minded people and organisations. It’s where you can streamline what causes matter the most to you and rate or give feedback to those organisations you connect with.

If you are already lucky enough to get paid Volunteering Leave, then you can apply to volunteer through Vtues under that scheme. If you don’t have this already, then we can help introduce an Employee Volunteering Program at your work or company that will not only allow you to do Micro-Volunteering but actually benefit your employer…and in the meantime there are loads of ways you can help outside of working hours.

Everything is in place for each of us to give a little of who we are, unleashing billions of hours between us every year that will surely create a surge of positive change for good.