Raise your profile, increase funding, reduce costs & innovate by tapping into skilled volunteers

Extending Your Reach with Employee Volunteers

We work with companies in your region to implement and manage impactful Employer Supported Volunteering programs. Most of these employers provide 2 – 4 days volunteering leave to each of their employees.

This provides as massive opportunity to you to connect with impassioned, motivated and skilled volunteers as and when you need.

We offer a brokered service where we define projects and group activities to support your objectives and we ensure that these are beneficial to you as a priority.

In addition we provide a self-serve Employee Volunteering Platform to allow you to post appropriate volunteering opportunities that could be fulfilled by individuals or small groups in a short time such as consultancy, fundraising, ad-hoc skills requirements.

Employee Volunteering Platform

Through the Vtues Platform you are able to create and post volunteering opportunities and define skills that are needed for easier matching.

You'll receive applications from matched volunteers and you'll get to message, shortlist and assign those you want. Upon completion of any volunteering you'll give and receive feedback with a rating. You'll also validate the number of hours provided by each volunteer so that they can build their employee volunteer profile and so that Employers can validate the effectiveness and impact of their ESV program.